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Veteran Advisor

Get the net

I just can't believe the craziness comming out of
Trump's mouth.
First....he is going to shut down the government for
Months or years untill he gets his wall.

Really ?

That is an insane statement to make. First all funding
Would come to an end.... how long do you think
Border patrol, tsa or other could go....already many
At tsa are calling in sick.
You think government employees can or will be
Able not having a paycheck or benefits for months
Or years ??????

Sounds like a little rich boy that does not live in a
Real world with bills and expenses.

Then....he is going to use emergency powers
To build the wall.....folks think about that...he
Is going to spend BILLIONS of dollars with no
Plans....yet can't pay the guards or even military

Folks something is wrong
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Senior Contributor

Re: Get the net

Ya' there is a man that had no business as President! He is one sick puppy.
Senior Advisor

Re: Get the net

If we don't have border security we don't have a sovereign nations. Everything else is secondary. Nancy can find money for the rich insurance companies she can find 5 billion for a border wall. That is 1/5 of the original request. She says she can find a dollar but that is it.