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Polaris Racer
Senior Contributor

Get your refund yet?

More Obama care failures. Maybe this will be the screwup that ends it.

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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Get your refund yet?

Polaris, it is going to be virtually impossible to roll back Obamacare, just like with farm subsidies. Probably ten times harder to roll back the Obamacare socialism than the crop insurance and Arc payments since so many more are being positively affected with low health insurance rates.


The Obamacare premise basically is that if you have a household that makes slightly under $50,000 per adult and child, you will pay full boat for your health insurance, plus you will pay an additional amount to subsidize those that earn less. It's basically a program to tax the middle class and wealthy, without calling it a tax. Seniors are exempt as they have a government subsidized plan called Medicare already in place, and the only way they get affected is if they are wealthy enough to pay some of the Obama wealth taxes , such as the 3.8% tax on rental income over $250,000.


A single person making up to about $30,000 gets their health insurance for about $30 per month, with no penalty for however an unhealthy lifestyle they live by choice. A married couple with kids that makes $50000-$60000 gets a simliar treatment. Between the aged on medicare and the huge number of US citizens in the lower income spectrum, you have a huge voting block that is postively affected vs a group of US citizens that are negatively affected that are, as Gruber put it, basically too stupid to know or care. Probably the majority have plans through work so they never see what it actually costs.


People are not stupid....just as people have figured out that its a terrible economic decision to get married, they will soon figure out that its a bad move to make over $50,000 too. Any government policy, such as this one, that rewards sloth and penalizes hard work is a bad one, imho. Others may disagree.


Good bye America Red White and Blue...Hello Hugo Chavez. Map Tse Tung, and Stalin.

Senior Contributor

Re: Get your refund yet?

I used to have an accountant that said her low income people knew more of the tax code than any of her more prosperous and hard working clients.


The low income folk knew exactly how much to make to take advantage of the tax code.


It doesn't take a genius to figure out that $65.000.00 income minus $20,000.00 for health care is actually less than $49,000.00 and free health care.