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Re: Getting that grain to the best market

Well, if the administration state is the "gate", the gate is only as good as the gatekeepers and the way it looks too many gatekeepers haven`t been doing their jobs for at least the last 30 years.   In my opinion in the early 90`s when things started getting big,big, big there was a mindset of "don`t upset the apple cart, the economy is good, good good don`t stand in anyone`s way!" ....well maybe some of these mergers shouldn`t have been approved, maybe some of these multilateral trade deals shouldn`t have been approved, maybe companies like Syngenta and JBS Swift shouldn`t be such a dominate force here.


See, all this happened under the "administrative state".  Some bureaucratic people need to be fired..they should`ve been fired 20yrs ago WITHOUT a juicy pension.   If Steve Bannon wants to overhaul things, that`s a good thing it needs overhauled.   It is unfair to say that he wants to throw the baby out in the bathwater, we can have common sense isn`t "ALL or NOTHING" we can have a bare boned, efficient bureaucracy that has teeth, yet is not overly intrusive.