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Gift for Dad?

Hello all! I was curious in hearing some gift ideas for the "farming father" for this upcoming christmas. I have some ideas myself, but would love to hear what gifts that your dad has really enjoyed, treasured, found useful, etc. over the years. They can be anything from clothing, tools, trinkets, to the most extravagant. So let's her 'em!

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Re: Gift for Dad?

My dad used to keep his drill bits in a box. One year when me and my brother were about 10-12 years old we took every bit a drill a hole in an old board. Then when my dad wanted to drill a hole with his unmarked bit he would grab a bit that fit the same hole as the bolt he wanted to drill a hole for. The gift took less than an hour to make and cost nothing. To most it would be next to worthless. My mom later told us that he had told her it was one of the best, most meaningful gifts he ever received.



One year for Christmas I built my brother in law a set of bolt bins out of 1x6s and plywood. Maybe 50-60 covey holes for bolts. He uses it all of the time.

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Re: Gift for Dad?

The first "real" gift I gave my Dad was a pocket watch, Mom told me that it really touched him.  The family Dog died and my Wife and I gave him a Norwegian Elkhound pup and he really loved that Dog. 


The worse "gift" my Wife ever gave him was some recycle bins and signed him up for recycling, that really pissed him off  Smiley Happy I don`t know that he ever completely forgave her for that communist gift.  We recycle...I go along, it`s stupid, but I sleep with her...ya gotta pick your battles.



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Re: Gift for Dad?

Best gift for Dad? Your love and respect!  All other things are unimportant!