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Glen Beck hired to be Yahoo News HASBARA Orifice


  snip--Yahoo! News has partnered up with a right-wing, pro-Israel media operation to deliver Middle East news to the millions of people who visit the website.

   For at least the past two and a half months, Yahoo! News has featured articles from The Blaze, the Glenn Beck-owned news outlet that is a conduit for right-wing misinformation. Launched in 2011, the website modeled after the Huffington Post reports on Beck’s pet causes, like the Israel/Palestine conflict, Christianity and the gold market.

    Hop on over to Yahoo! News--part of the Yahoo! empire, the fourth most popular website in the U.S. and the world--and a variety of news outlets are featured on the page. Most of the Yahoo News! partners are familiar, mainstream outlets like the Associated Press, Business Insider and Reuters.  --But click on the Middle East page of Yahoo! News, and you’re greeted --