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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Glen Greenwald on Schieffer, Ron Paul and journalistic “objectivity"

I think it was a very good interview. Schieffer went after Paul hard, forcing him to defend his opinions, and Paul countered with a good reasoned defense of what he is all about. What would you want Schieffer to ask? For Paul to become a mainstream candidate, he has to be able to respond to challenges like this because there is a status quo that needs to be blown up for a Paul insurgency to succeed.


Re: Glen Greenwald on Schieffer, Ron Paul and journalistic “objectivity"

  I just watched the interview again and believe Schieffer was more than objective.  When Paul mentioned that the CIA, The 9-11 commission, and the Department of Defense have said they attack us because we are bombing and occupying their countries and supporting every crime Israel commits, schieffer came back with something like "I question the import of those commissions" .  That's injecting his personal bias as well as his phrasing of the next question sets Paul up attempting to put the words 'nicer to Iran"-- close to--"Let me get this straight, You're idea is to be nicer to Iran" is anything but the proper way to interview in a neutral manner.


   Paul most certainly responded to the "challenges" very well and Schieffer's frustration is obvious.   Like I implied, if schieffer appeared to agree with Paul's answers he would be putting his career in jeopardy, I suppose he could have been putting on the dog.  


  Another reason I believe Schieffer was trying to ambush Paul is because when they made the agreement to appear the interview it was supposed to last 20 minutes, he/they cut it short for some reason.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Glen Greenwald on Schieffer, Ron Paul and journalistic “objectivity"

Point well taken about his interjecting "I challenge the validity of those commissions"....sounded pretty lame to me, also, and biased.


If you go back to the Clinton convention, you will find a giddy John Chancellor calling Albert Gore the "next vice president of the United States of America" rather than a candidate. Seemed surreal.

Senior Contributor

Re: Been away for a few days john

"On the other hand you blame the downfall of every repub on the biased media." 


Quite a statement Don to bad it is not even close to being truthful.  In fact it is you that often complains about Dems being attack by the media and can always be counted on to defend Dems no matter how dirty or crooked they have been.   "You forget I was around when they gave Clinton brutish coverage."


I believe that most of the time politicians first shoot themselves in the foot by doing something stupid or crooked and that then leads to the negative media coverage.   Perry, Cain, Bachman, and Romney have all done things that lead to negative media reporting on them.  I don't blame the media for it but do think there are times when the media goes to far such when they go after the children of candidates or report for days on Palin's clothing.  


The truth is it is you that whines about the media reporting negatively on Dems.  "You forget I was around when they gave Clinton brutish coverage ."   You are the one that can always be counted on to defend any and every Dem no matter what they have done or how stupid or crooked it was.  


My original post was refering to the interview by Bob Schieffer with Ron Paul on CBS's show Face the Nation which I watch last Sunday morning.   I'm betting you have not even watched the interview and are once again shooting from hip because of your dislike of me.   I suggest you watch the interview and then read John's latest post about it.   In my opinion John hits the nail squarely on the head with his assesment on it. 


I will agree that some in the right wing media went over board with their remarks about the Clintons but anyone with a brain would have to concede that the Clinton's shot themselves in the foot on numerous occasions helping give their detractors ample ammunition to go after them.   Just as there have been those on the left that have gone over board with their negative reporting on various Repubs.  I try to get my news from news sources that are more neutral and reputable and don't hang my hat on the words of Rush, Beck, Schultz or Olbermann.