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Global warming- What we knew in 1982

Was watching another YouTube and happened to find that title in the lineup on the right.

So it looked interesting and i took 10 minutes to watch.


Now I know some will not 'believe' it but I found it interesting to hear what scientists were saying in 1982 tied into what is being said in more recent times.


Now 3020 might as well save his 10 minutes since he thinks everything has to be cast in stone, black or white and is unable or unwilling to accept that science is always looking for more info and a better understanding and description of our world but for those interested it is worth watching

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Re: Global warming- What we knew in 1982


   Remember when Little Danny Quail made a asinine remark denying evidence of the enormous damage pollution was doing to Earth's climate by claiming that his imaginary buddy would not allow man to destroy the earth before he was **bleep** well ready? 


   Most sheeple are so well conditioned to cultivate their ignorance, if they did actually listen to that video, they well not be considering the information, , the information will be blocked from penitrating their minds because their minds are occupied searching their data base of parrot phrases for a one line response, a sound bite.