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Global warming slows effects of global warming?

Okay the following is a logic test:


Apparently there hasn`t been enough dire consequences of global warming that there is a new explaination.  That is as icebergs melt, that fresh water leave a trail of algae that gobble up C02.  Okay, I can buy this, it`s called "Ocean fertilisation". 




But....wait a tick!  weren`t we told that C02 is steadily rising in the atmosphere???  It`s been going up and up and up and now it`s at the critical 400ppm where only if we act right now and have curly lightbulbs and electric cars.  NASA has measured it, it`s there ...but no effects. 



See the logic problem?   If algae ate the carbon and that`s why we aren`t seeing the dire effects of climate change...well they been telling us for years the carbon is already there in the atmosphere.


I doubt logic has ever changed anyone`s mind about anything, either you are pro-logic or anti-logic, but I just thought I would point this out.



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Re: Global warming slows effects of global warming?

The "settled" science is subject to change . . . scientific "concensus" is more political and/or funding-oriented, than it is scientific . . . too many things we/they don't really know . . . too complicated to reliably "model" . . . obviously, they all need more funding to figure it all out for us . . . and, in the meantime, we might all be doomed in a hundred years or so, and it's apparent we won't be able to react quickly enough to save ourselves, so everybody in the highest potential impact areas need immediate funding to help lessen the blow.  Yet, at the same time, a huge unknown meteor or comet could come from nowhere and end everything next year anyway.  Or, some crazy lunatic with nuclear weapons might just decide to light a few of them up.


And, who knows, maybe the biggest story of the 21st century will be that they've discovered the oldest preserved origins of man in a previously ice-covered ancient campsite in mainland Antarctica.