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Gloom and Doom v 7.0 "China Loves The $"


These things are notoriously fickle although it does run contrary to the solemn predictions of Schiff and the rest of the Pork n' Bean crowd.


As I've said many times- $USD remains the least dirty shirt in the closet and in this environment it need only go down when our guvmint wants it to.

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Re: Gloom and Doom v 7.0 "China Loves The $"

Here`s Peter Schiff on "why gold isn`t higher with all Bernanke`s printing"    Peter doesn`t mention this, but I would also add that gold is traded on "paper' as a commodity, they look at a hole in the ground and say there is "this much gold down there" and that is traded on.  Now, that is like in the 2013 corn market traders are saying "98 million acres will be planted and trendline yields and 15 billion bushel production, with a 2 billion bu carryover" ...that is what is being traded, one year from now we will know which traders have egg on their faces.