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πŸŽ„ God bless us everyone πŸŽ„

Well it's almost Christmas....even in the major
Battles, both sides usually stopped and observed
At least a few breif hours of peace
((Evidence there is a good ?)).
So, I'll start, I wish all ((even our favorite little bird))
A very merry, safe, healthy Christmas, and a
Blessed new year.

As the wise men brought gifts to baby Jesus, we
Give gifts to those we value, at Christmas.

So, from the regular posters, those that are "lerking"
In the peanut gallery, from ""eagle eye"" to the
Poor little man whose task it is to keep law and
Order on this forum.
What are you asking Santa for Christmas, or what
You want for Christmas....and what you wish
For in the comming year.


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Re: πŸŽ„ God bless us everyone πŸŽ„

I'm thankful the Almighty saw fit for the Word to become Flesh. I ask for peace on earth and good will towards man........and a few good days of harvest weather.

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Re: πŸŽ„ God bless us everyone πŸŽ„

As you know I have no reason to think there are any magic 'gods' around blessing anyone but I do hope you all get a chance to visit with friends and family and enjoy a slower pace through the holidays.


That is all I ask for from 'Santa' a nice day with too much food and all the family joining us and although there is no 'Santa' we are expecting all the family here on Dec 25th this year (we alternate between the 25 and 26 each year and there would be trouble all around the world if it changed because it would throw off the schedule on many families spreading out like a wave on a pond)


Hope all get to enjoy themselves as much as I will, with kids, their partners and grandkids warming the house.