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Goin' full Kanye/Dinesh

a bit of a spat below about the silly Bullwinkle's History Corner assertion that since the majority of the Segregation lobby was made up of Southern Democrats (1876-1972ish) then the present GOP is actually the party representing African Americans' interests.

More recent and valid would be that the majority of support for NAFTA and WTO was Republican- particularly WTO- which 4 out of 5 Congressional Democrats voted against. And of course every major farm organization considered of highest legislative priority (both).

Sorta interesting how the party suddenly got religion and started joining around the bonfire with the pore working man, singing Solidarity Forever. Even though it has continued to route wealth upward at an ever greater pace.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Goin' full Kanye/Dinesh

BTW, in regard to WTO.

Long down the memory hole is the fact that the 2001 and on RW putsch on democracy was sent into overdrive by the shock of the 1999 Battle of Seattle at the WTO meeting.

"Elites" huddled inside their safe rooms like diplomats at the Benghazi consulate.

They were going to make darn sure that never happened again. Got some forever wars for distraction, The Patriot Act, Homeland Security etc. Had to get The Folk real mad.