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Senior Contributor

Gonna be fun to watch Moscow Mitch

working the good flag wavin' folks of KY where his approval rating is around 35%.

Mitch has always gotten as much out of state oligarch and corporate cash as he needs and always comes up with something.

Default best something is ####ism, which you can't say here because then you're a ###ist and playing the #### card.

But never fails deliver the distilled essence of what's going on out there (Like World News Daily in Men in Black).

It'll also be patriotism- never mind those Russians its those darn Chinese who took your good payin' job.

Like Trump, Mitch actually doesn't have a plan to do anything about that. But nevermind.


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Senior Contributor

Re: Gonna be fun to watch Moscow Mitch

Kinda too bad that the KY Gov race is off cycle and another KY Republican is The Most Unpopular in America- Tea Partier Matt Bevins.

So in '20 it will be interesting- Trump still has a sizable positive approval rate there- although well down from his '16 margin.

The smart money does say that the top of the ticket probably has more coattails than the lower provides drag.

Probably a better over/under bet.

I'd say Trump by 12 (vs. 30 in '16) and Mitch by 2.

Like Netanyahu, never bet against Mitch.


Senior Contributor

Re: Gonna be fun to watch Moscow Mitch

Statewide races in '19 might be a big deal in terms of who KY's SoS is.

Nah, I wasn't suggesting that a fine white christian capitalist male would go there.