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Re: Gonna hate November? Har Har Har

If  200  is  the  mark  -  then  how  many  wives is  the  ?  &  Storms ?

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Re: Gonna hate November? Har Har Har

How many convictions there Bart? zip  nota...

Re: Gonna hate November? Har Har Har

4. Once the Judge accepts the plea deals and renders sentencing they are convicted.


You are receiving this message because you posted in defense of Trump. I no longer provide individual responses on this matter. It has been my experience that Trump supporters are unable to accept verifiable truths about him and themselves.  Therefore any discussion is both pointless and a waste of my time.  I wish you luck in your battle against reality.

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Re: Gonna hate November? Har Har Har




The Department of Justice lost its latest battle with Congress Thursday when it agreed to brief House Intelligence Committee members about a top-secret intelligence source that was part of the FBI’s investigation of the Trump campaign. Even without official confirmation of that source’s name, the news so far holds some stunning implications.

Among them is that the Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation outright hid critical information from a congressional investigation. In a Thursday press conference, Speaker Paul Ryan bluntly noted that Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes’s request for details on this secret source was “wholly appropriate,” “completely within the scope” of the committee’s long-running FBI investigation, and “something that probably should have been answered a while ago.” Translation: The department knew full well it should have turned this material over to congressional investigators last year, but instead deliberately concealed it.

House investigators nonetheless sniffed out a name, and Mr. Nunes in recent weeks issued a letter and a subpoena demanding more details. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s response was to double down—accusing the House of “extortion” and delivering a speech in which he claimed that “declining to open the FBI’s files to review” is a constitutional “duty.” Justice asked the White House to back its stonewall. And it even began spinning that daddy of all superspook arguments—that revealing any detail about this particular asset could result in “loss of human lives.”


This is desperation, and it strongly suggests that whatever is in these files is going to prove very uncomfortable to the FBI.

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Re: Gonna hate November? Har Har Har

I tried to read the link but was pay walled. Does the article identify who might have stated the FBI investigation on POTUS Trump, and what the potential repercussions may be?


Sounds like a much bigger story than Trump's ancient sex life.


Who is this shadow government of unelected officials that seem to have been running things?


And why are the fruitloops so seemingly oblivious to the obvious dangers of such a deep state?

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Some more Rush!   



RUSH: Now back to the final element of the Kim Strassel story that there is a spy or was a spy in the Trump campaign put there by the FBI. The final paragraph of her piece today says that it’s time for Trump to declassify everything so that we can finally, once and for all, learn everything that happened and put an end to this investigation. Learn who the informant is. Learn everything there is to know about the FISA warrant application. What’s in there besides the Steele dossier?

What other things did the FBI use when asking the FISA court for a warrant to spy on Carter Page? Trump could… Kimberley Strassel’s exactly right. Trump could declassify all of this. But he doesn’t. Now, on previous occasions, I have said — and I think I’ve created a little bit of a misconception I want to try to straighten out here. I’ve said that I believe the president likes playing the victim because it solidifies the bond between him and his voters. It allows him to keep tweeting, for example, about the witch hunt.

It allows him to continue to tweet very critical things.

I’m using the word “victim” incorrectly, because Trump, of all things, is not a victim. Now, I did say he enjoys playing the victim, but I think there’s a better analogy. Because what I think Trump is doing here, if I might say so, is rather strategically brilliant. Every day that goes by it’s becoming more and more obvious to more and more people what an absolute joke this whole investigation is. You know and I know that it takes ongoing repetition over and over and over and over again for even intelligent people to hear things and believe them.

When we’re talking people that don’t pay a whole lot of attention every day to this stuff, it takes a lot of repetition, over and over and over again. Every day that this goes by, every day that the Democrats are building their future on a porn star, every day that the Democrats are building their future on impeachment, every day that goes by that there isn’t any evidence for any of this is an ongoing, slowly building victory for Trump.

I think Trump has masterfully captured the narrative from Mueller and from Rosenstein, from the intelligence community, from Brennan, from Clapper. Here you have the most accomplished person ever to be elected president since our founders. I made this observation yesterday, and I don’t think it’s arguable. Donald Trump has succeeded in more ways, in more things in life than any previous president in our lifetimes.

I’m talking about in and outside of go...….

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Re: Gonna hate November? Har Har Har

Oh big al, there have been at least 5 convictions in this investigation so far. You better get a new search engine!
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Re: Who is paying for this sham called axios?

(Who is paying for this sham?) called axios?


A whole bunch of far left anti-Trump liberal rags.

From the founders to the financiers, it's a who's who of the fringe left. 

Re: Who is paying for this sham?

The recent pullout from the Iran nuke deal can be added to the list of Trump helping his boss Pooter.