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Re: Who is paying for this sham?

I thought Russia wanted the Iran deal?   Just Israel and Trump wanted to pull out, according to the mainstream.  



WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama telephoned Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday to thank him for his part in the recent nuclear deal with Iran, the White House said.

"The President thanked President Putin for Russia's important role in achieving this milestone, the culmination of nearly 20 months of intense negotiations," the White House said in a statement.


It added that Obama and Putin agreed to remain in close touch as the Iran deal is implemented and would work together to reduce tensions in the Middle East, particularly in Syria.

Russia was one of the six major powers that negotiated the deal reached with Iran on Tuesday in Vienna. The others were the United States, Germany, the European Union, China, Britain and France....

Lost in all of it

It’s actually deeply revealing that the predominate theme of what is coming out of the more respectable end of the conservative commentariatm.....McCarthy, Stossel etc. ...not just Rush etal.... is that none of this should have been an issue in light of how it became one.


Not mentioned is that the figures involved had pretty much all been under scrutiny and investigation for years before Trump entered the political picture. Massive files in some cases.  By Federal agencies AND numerous states.


The Flynn thing triggered the Special Investigation and, most importantly, the terms of it’s charge.  The “whatever else you might dig up or trip over” part. That came from the Trump DOJ, not Dems in Congress or individuals within the intelligence agencies. The Trump family, Cohen, Manafort, Page, Lewendowski etc.etc.along with scores of Russians and Ukrainians had been on intelligence agency radar for a good long time.


Knowledge of Nunes segmented cab ride put him in a spot where he became resigned to carry the water in Congress for the notion that this should all be called off because it became evident immediately that much of it has very little to do with overt collusion. The need to invalidate everything else. 


Now close to 70% of Americans feel that this Investigation needs to be taken to it’s conclusive end.  I’ve seen no breakdown of that number that shows how many want it to because the RW mind shapers have them convinced that all of those being scrutinized will be absolved.  But I suspect it is significant.  Our pal here Alan and X more.


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Who will watch the watchmen?

I think the ancient Romans nailed what people are intrinsically thinking a long time ago.


When they told Obama to jump, he said "how high", and the same for the Clintons.

Re: Who will watch the watchmen?

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Re: Gonna hate November? Har Har Har

Yeah, the Obama Iran deal would expire in 10 yrs and then they can do whatever they want. Might as well kill it now. It will make America MUCH safer!! SAY WHAT??
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Re: Gonna hate November? Har Har Har

even if it was your sarcasm, it is somethingl I will  agree with you on...   LMAO, but you said it, so it must be correct!