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Re: Good Ferguson

Yes a good read.




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Something to think about


China is a polluted mess, partially enabled by America's insatiable appetite fro cheap junk (you'd think progs would care, but better to oppose everything trump does than think it might be better not to enable environmental destruction and slave labor), who will have more and more problems producing food for its population that can actually be eaten.    They'll need trade to take care of that or they'll have to think like hitler and seek to expand.

TPP was

the ultra wonky response to that from a joint effort of both foreign policy and economic experts. It sought to extend economic ties with the Pac Rim as a counterbalance to China.


It faced opposition from both the further reaches of the left and right as the sense grows that the US has given away too much economically in service of the old internationalist order.


Of course we still have a military- a $750b a year one deployed in 93 countries- so just doing America Firsty stuff alone doesn't exactly keep us out of the lair of the Thucydides Trap.

Re: Something to think about



Thank Heaven we’ve got Pruitt.