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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Good News Thursday

A German Shepherd rescues two small children from a burning home in Florida.  


Here`s a show from the 70`s that I enjoyed as a kid.  Salvage One, Andy Griffith plays a junk man that plots to salvage NASA equipiment that was left on the Moon. 



Here`s what`s on my bucket list, to go to one of the Exuma Islands in the Bahamas and swim with the pigs  🙂




♫ Here`s  Born to be Alive.   "♪a suitcase and a old guitar ♫ something there to occupy a mind like mine♫"  



Have a Great Day Everyone!

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bruce MN

Even more good news

Senior Contributor

Re: Even more good news

I wish they would have put in the link how many were aborted. I suppose they have no information on that. Killing the babies is not news worthy.


Re: Even more good news

I was giving it three hours before commenting that the Taliban Sex Police hadn't shown up.

Senior Advisor

Re: Even more good news

It's the taliban that likes to rip the heads off the innocents.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Good News for Modern Man...Reprised

community-wide initiatives were successful - each community increased the number of teens who received evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention interventions and reproductive health services, as well as the percentage of teens who received moderately or highly effective contraceptive methods, including long-acting reversible contraception. Many of those strategies are now being implemented across the U.S. through 84 new five-year teen pregnancy prevention grants supported by OAH.