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Good News Tuesday

Even I am getting completely saturated with politics and bad news that is over 95% of the news we hear.  Here is something to be happy about, a man at a ball game with his son sees a baseball bat coming right for his son`s face and saves him. 


Here`s a feature story about a homeless man that mostly lives in his car in a Leland park, turns out he was a avid bicyclist and quite a writer.


I see him often, he chooses to live out of his car by choice, he and his brother own a farm.  His former math teacher has set him up with a job and a small house, but it lasts a week and back he goes to his car.  Some people just march to a different drum.



Leland is Governor Terry Branstad`s hometown, he was raised on a farm on the south edge of Leland.  One day  extremely cold day in Janurary, Kevin Costner and his band Modern West showed up and played.  one of their songs was "You can`t Spend a Dime in Leland Iowa" ...well yes you can  🙂  they have a elevator and cafe and 3 cabinet shops.  Here is that song