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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Good News

You know how Salmon have trouble swimming upstream to lay eggs when there`s a dam in the way?  Well, someone invented a "Salmon cannon" Smiley Very Happy  to shoot them over the dam. 


Our freezer is out of Salmon, I gotta git back to Superior and do some downrigging.  Salmon on the grill is terrific!   Here`s what you do, get your grill hot and spray Pam on it, now have the rub and butter on the salmon steak with the heat on about medium.  Now, put the flesh side down on the grill close the lid and EXACTLY 4  minutes later, flip the Salmon skin side down..then in EXACTLY 5 minutes take your spatula and slid it between the meat and skin, leaving the skin on the grill grates. Serve with new potatoes and other veggies...oh sooo good!  Smiley Tongue 


I saw the lyrics to this song on the table this morning. ♫