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Good 'ol Iowa boy


Tom Arnold.


Trump is like a virus but at least he's flushed out everybody who hasn't been vaccinated by decency.


Problem is that if you miss the shots on one calf out of 100 it is probably OK since there's little chance of transmission. If you miss 40% it is a problem.

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Re: Good 'ol Iowa boy

Tom was talented, I don`t know maybe still is a little bit, but drugs and the whole Hollywood scene has taken it`s toll.  BTW, anyone seen Dennis Quaid lately?   Uff-dah!   But Tom is in show business, north of 60 and all these Guardians of the Galaxy green screen type movies there isn`t much call for a Tom Arnold.   Last I saw of him was on a late night game show where he was on a panel of the usual B-list actor/comedians like Jane Krackosky and the fat aunt from the Sabrina show.   Tom can`t afford to make waves by being honest or he won`t get even those small jobs, he probably had a lot of past money go "up his nose" so to make the rent payments he needs all those small gigs he can get.

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Re: Good 'ol Iowa boy

Trump isn't a virus. He is the anti-venom for the progressive's snake bites. Progressives are the party of Tom Arnold and ms13.