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“Good peopLe both sides”

MAGA winger response to dealing with Covid nothing more than activist extension of Charlotsville

This reporter is actually rather well known for his right leaning reporting and taking great care in that reporting on govt affairs to see that the GOP spokesmen get full and equal staging. Not a favorite at all of the left in the Metro. 

Might have looking to give the open up side a chance to air their concerns. Then the poor guy put on a mask:

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Speaking of 80%

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Re: Speaking of 80%

It's silly, no evidence it will keep you from getting it, some it will keep you from spreading it.  But it's just slight, plenty of medical personnel have become infected while wearing a mask.  But I could care less if someone wears one.

They should make red maga masks to confuse people like you.


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Re: Speaking of 80%

They do make them , already. 


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Re: Speaking of 80%

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Re: “Good peopLe both sides”

Here`s a idea, if you want to wear a mask, wear a mask.   If you don`t think restaurants should open, don`t go to the restaurant.  If you don`t think your boss should make you go back to work, quit. 

Supposedly not wearing a mask and eating at a restaurant will "kill ya!" ...well, they`re "idiots that`ll vote Republican anyway" let `em die, right?   

Or are you afraid that they might be right? and BEFORE the election, can`t have that. 

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Re: “Good peopLe both sides”

Looks like the drinking has already started for memorial


I dont know what hair brained

Place you get your facts....

Im sorry, but I live in the world of

The real.

I can match you 10:1 on citations

In the use if mask and protective


If it is such a crock of $#&@....then

Why did the entire medical community did and still use them..

Why did twiddle diddle trump

Order them....

You are really doing a diservice

To this country and fellow man

Spreading such tripe and lies.

I think that people that read things

Here are getting tired of it true.

If you think there is nothing to

This, and it is just the flu....

I will be glad to have some medical

People in the thick of this , contact

You, and you can come help and

Dont require protective equipment....they will love that, 

Just less equipment they have to

Provide !

Did you listen to the ND gov, and

The reason he appealed to the 


What breed of jack ***** are you

To make fun of someone with a

Sick child, or have family members that are at high risk ??

You really are a work of art.

Why dont you go play in the

Middle of the

You say people die every day....

And as for "the herd"...getting

Rid ofyou would bring up the

Herd iq  a couple points.




Re: ranting doesn't make you not an idiot

Good to see that you are endorsing sheltering, isolation and distancing.

Masks have never been promoted as a do-all. Down below on the checklist.

But as the one guy is quoted as saying about parachutes and airplanes.

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Re: ranting doesn't make you not an idiot

I endorse you doing whatever you personally feel is necessary.   But you don't have the right to destroy other peoples lives with your fear.