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Senior Contributor

Good read

Just finished "The Trial of Henry Kissinger" certainly on of the most terrible polititicians in our history. Nasty little man, the Rahm of his time.

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Veteran Advisor

Re: Good read

Something happened to the leadership of America about the same time that JFK got his head blown off in Dallas. Seems like you cannot find a politican in power anymore with any old fashioned principles and moral precepts. Guys like Rahm, Kissenger, and Hillary Clinton what we get.

Senior Contributor

Re: Good read

I think it is extraordinary how you think that politics remains the same after 50 years of evolution and yearn for the good old days of massive corruption and graft at the hands of J. Edgar Hoover and his gay mates. You progressives gophers have a exotic sense of reality.  

Senior Advisor

Re: Mr. Henry K

was nixons man before JFK came on the scene.