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Gooey! How’s it hangin’ in AZ?


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Re: Gooey! How’s it hangin’ in AZ?

LoL ... Best you could come up with to try to bail the Canadian dumba$$ out with?  


AZ appears to be doing quite fine BruXi... Remember when they weren't going to do an audit?  And then they weren't going to complete an audit?  And now that the counting is complete, let me guess... They're never going to release the data? 😂😂😂😂


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Re: Except that, after all their shenanigans, they'll ....

..have to audit the audit.  Nobody will believe their results, being as they were paid millions by trump.

  Wait, didn't they say they had to delay the audit because of the "non-existent" pandemic?

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Re: Except that, after all their shenanigans, they'll ....

what is being accomplished by the audits, the reforms, the scrutiny, etc. is that the way is being paved for a more honest election in 2022 and maybe a very honest election in 2024.

Republicans are trying to clean up the mess by letting some sunshine in. Nothing like the sun and light to disinfect.

The majority of America doesn't believe that the 2020 election was on the up and up. Trump appears to be gaining in his popularity as joebiden stumbles and drops into negative territory.

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Re: "Majority of Americans" that's not true at all.

Polls have consistently shown that about 30% of Voters believe there was something wrong. That 30% consists almost entirely of republicans & the republican-leaning, aka, radical insurrectionists.