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Gordo's recollections

Probably have to always put a grain of salt on his stuff owing to some of his more controversial assertions on other topics. But some interesting stuff here, and surely more right than not about the greatest sustaining myth of the post-1980 culture wars regarding the treatment of Viet vets.


"Every time I hear the airport spitter myth I know I am being played. For those of you who know nothing about PTSD, spitting on a combat veteran is a form of suicide."

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bruce MN

Re: Gordo's recollections

Riveting.  Thanks.

BA Deere
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Re: Gordo's recollections

Alot of a soldier`s war experience has to do with the unit they were with.  Some didn`t have it too bad, I had a uncle that went through hell in WWII, his son my older cousin was in Nam, he had it really good whinning about how offiers expected them to "follow orders...don`t they realize this is the modern Army?"   Alot of stupidness wastefullness happens in the military, for example they schedule new brakes to be put in a truck every so many months even if it sat and didn`t have 5 miles put on the "old brakes".   And if you are a mechanic, they give you a choice of 5 job choices and give you none of the choices and the mechanic might end up a cook and a real cook might end up in special forces`s just mind games to show that they own your carcass outright. 


The treatment of returning Vietnam troops had alot to do with their hometown.  I`m sure there were "cold" receptions in places and a hero`s welcome in others.  I`m sure the way that war turned out, some of the old VFW WWII crowd sort of "blamed the team" when all along it was the "coach`s" fault.  Many came back hooked on dope after "fighting the yellow man".  WWII Vets coped with the stress of war better than their sons.  I don`t know if it was that the sons were spoiled or the WWII oldtimers grew up butchering hogs and stuff and were just tougher. 


But, I never walked in either`s moccasins, so I`m not passing judgement