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Got him to say it

Had opportunity for a brief conversation with a local Trumpite who was following the outrage of the day re: the socialist/communist Sanders.


I noted that Sanders' proposals would just take us back to the tax levels, income and estate, that prevailed during our golden

period following WWII.


He admitted, yep (unusual historical knowledge for a Trumpite) but back then the benefits were mostly only for white people.


True 'nuff.

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Veteran Advisor

Re: Got him to say it

Then there is the other guy who wants to just take guns away from blacks "cause they do most of the killing!!

Veteran Advisor

Re: Got him to say it

Find a few Americans that actually were paying the estate and income tax levels that are talked about as prevailing during Eisenhower.


What did flourish, were accounting and legal firms , and ingenuity to get out of the taxes.


A wise sage here...ok, it was BA....posted that no matter what you do, it's hard to get more than 25% out of a business in income taxes....anymore, they put their sons, daughters, cousins, etal on the payroll and avoid the high marginal rates, set up trusts, etc or simply go cash and underground.


You cannot change human nature.


You can call a rock a fruit and squeeze it all you want to, but you still can't get juice out of it.


Hope you make enough money to pay back those CSP payments this year.