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Senior Advisor

Got to cover George Washington

He traumatizes the snowflakes. Governor black face and Joe Biden are ok. Next they will come for the Constitution. The progressives will cheer.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Got to cover George Washington

I have said it before, and it certainly looks likely, that in a decade the four presidents on Mt. Rushmore will be dynamited off , if liberals would take over the nation again.

Modern American liberals are more of a threat to liberty than the British crown was.

Senior Contributor

Re: Got to cover George Washington

People will mock what you said but if we went back just 10 years people would have thought it was a joke to suggest removing Thomas Jefferson's statue or even more bizarre the demand to remove George Washington's statue.

Yet here we are:

"May 29, 2019 · Students at GW University, which stands for George Washington University, wants the educational institution to remove a statue of the nation’s first president, George Washington. In a vote conducted on campus through the Student Association elections and according to GWU Joint Elections Commission, 54% of the students want the statue removed." 

So much has been corrupted in the last 10 years that one from 1980 or before wouldn't recognize the country.