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Senior Advisor

Government care = substandard care

Once we have single payer evry electuon will be centered around who is willing to "invest" more money into healthcare just as they now talk about more "investment" in education. No amount will ever be as much and the quality of care will never improve. Ever.



One in four NHS hospital trusts is failing to  offer safe, good-quality care to all its patients, a damning report has  shown.

Out of 161 trusts in England, 44 have now been labelled as ‘high risk’, with serious concerns raised about their performance.

Shockingly, a number of the hospitals now  marked out as risky were classified ‘safe’ as recently as earlier this  year.

Some of the hospitals have been  flagged up  because of high death rates while others have been identified because of  frequent ‘never events’ – serious incidents that should  never occur in  hospitals, such as amputating the wrong limb.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Government care = substandard care

Have you any basis in fact. Ask your trusted neighborhood seniors what they think of medicare and if they would choose to go back to a private insurance program. There is only one reason for private insurers. That is because some folks mistakenly beleive that capitalism and competition is the solution to providing affordable healt coverage.


It is not. They refuse to cover sick people and will avoid them like the plague. They won't insure seniors because their is little mto no profit in it. Medicare is the resultof insurers refusing to cover the old and frail.


It's the same reason we need single payer. Private insurers refuse to provide a health insurance product that is affordable. Even the affordable care act is a subsidy to the capitalists to insure the impoverished.



Senior Contributor

Re: Government care = substandard care

Recently our government has placed normally inaccessible drugs on the PBS. These drugs were price prohibitive to the old but the fat drug companies assured they could suffer their pain in the comfort of their own homes. How touching. For $5 they can now access drugs to help with cancer, aids and many more expensive drugs.

Do you have that facility there?