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Granted, it is ZH


Would make heavy investment in guns and farmland look good, anyway.


I'll just hare this observation. I've participated in the design and implementation of a couple of exercises for agro-terrorism with DHS/FEMA people.


And as I've said, if you're not frightened, you should be. Those were generally some of the dumbest people on the planet- they threw that thing together in a manner where an unlimited budget and panic came together.


Pretty much every unemployed person  with some degree of law enforcement, security, disaster management experience and generally some political contacts got a job and ran around like chickens with their heads cut off for a few years.


I'm told that things have tended to become more professional and better organized over time.


But anyway, the hypothetical terror scenarios they'd tend to settle on bore no resemblance to any plausible threat.  So I wouldn't go long the board based on this, just yet.



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bruce MN

Re: Granted, it is ZH

Bringing up some real head movies for me there nox. For sure.


As part of a previous vocation I sat in on more than half a dozen of those sessions.  Regional.  People brought in from, as you say, virtually everywhere some appointed administrative  nut could think of.


FEMA/DHS, as it was re-framed/created was slopped together under the previous administration as an effort to prove that this government was "doing something". and couldn't be accused of "not caring".


Silos popping up all over the room.  


Folks still involved tell me it's gotten some better under the current regime.  People at the top of the various entities actually interested to some degree in finding out who in the room might have some idea of what is actually going on. 


Easy to to call it all "nanny state", "we're from the government and we're here to help you" stuff, but in some cases it's imaging and posturing on the part of highly cynical nincompoops who don't want to be bothered with defending accusations of not caring. An acquired skill.


Re: Granted, it is ZH

Pretty much an open secret, known to all who aren't willfully oblivious, that in the early days DHS and most of the conduct of the broader WAT were one big GOP pork barrel operation.


Re: Granted, it is ZH

....and thus- as it emerged from the same mileau- I'll rest my case on being at least a bit skeptical about the real agenda of the ethanol program as conceived and executed.


I know those are fightin' words to some, but relax. As I think has been apparent for some time, I don't think it is going much of anywhere, either forward or back.


And its no criticism of those who got lucky- I did too.


But there is also an age old problem for lottery winners.


maybe they know something I don't

Milligan Hay - Iowa d:^)
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Re: maybe they know something I don't