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Great Denninger interview

Max Keiser gets to Denninger at 12 minutes.  Denninger says what I`ve always said that wealth comes from growing something, mining something or manufacturing something.  With trade deals that gave away our manufacturing, we`ve tied our hands behind our backs with mining, we have a "cheap food" policy that grain and meat exports are below cost of production the wealth of this country has been striped.


It ain`t gonna be fixed by imposing a $15 minimum wage to the guy that flips the burgers for the guy that does his laundry, that`s isn`t wealth creation.  And Denninger explains the ridiculousness of Obamacare how there is NO competion so you go to one company (Blue Cross) and see if you can afford policy A, B, or C...but only from Blue Cross.

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Re: Great Denninger interview

Watched it last night. Some new but mostly stuff I've been reading and hearing from the Austrian set for over 40 years.
Honored Advisor

Re: Great Denninger interview

Bruce, the big difference in the Von Musis crowd is in the past, like a year ago they were still in the "prosperity through free trade and open borders" thats why i never fully sogned up with them. Hopefully theyre starting to see the light that domestic industries and workers must be protcted