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Great deal on a rare church pipe organ.

The Mason City Globe Gazette just ran a story of a church in Cedar Rapids that has a rare pipe organ made by the Verney Organ Co. over a hundred years ago that it wants to get rid of as they making renovations in their church and have decided to go with new much smaller digital organ. 


The pipes are up to 26 feet tall which limits potential customers for the organ which the church claims has been maintained and is "perfectly playable and has a glorious sound.  So far the church has had no interested buyers even at their current asking price of $1.


It appears the Verney organs were ahead of their time with experimenting with pneumatics on the pipe organs.  This organ is one of only three Verny organs known to exist and is the largest according to records.  Seems like a shame to break up a rare and working organ such as this if they can not find a buyer for this organ


My mother in law has played organs and pianos at numerous churches for the last 40 years and is quite gifted.  While her own church where she does most of her playing does not have a pipe organ there a couple of churches that she subs for that still have old pipe organs.  While she says it is a lot more work playing the pipe organs and that she often needs a second person to help her operate the pipe organs, she says she still looks forward to when ever she gets a chance to play one.


Craig or or anyone else out there know of someone or organization that might be interested in such rare organ?  The asking price is right but I'm guessing tearing it down to move and rebuilding it could take some time, expertize and money. Heck I'll even agree to wave my finders fee of $1.


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Re: Great deal on a rare church pipe organ.

The sad thing, is with copper/brass being so high priced in the salvage world, chances are it is going to be melted down for scrap.

From the picture, it doesn't look like it would even fit in our Church building.