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Great grand son #2 arrived on the scene

Early monday morning. My grand daughter that married the Italian lad a couple of years ago gave birth to a handsome young chap Gabrielle Andrea Tarantini is his full handle. A brand spanking new american. BTW His italian grandparents cannot stand Donald Trump. Evidently the world is watching our political process.

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Re: Great grand son #2 arrived on the scene

Congratulations. Great grandkids hopefully a ways off for us. Oldest grandson is 12. Comes from a line of folks who were either smart or lucky enough to get settled into enterprises or jobs before toying the knot and starting families.his Mom was 27 when he was born and I was 28 when she (our 1st) was. To listen to one of the sages here the other day, that makes us all "losers".

Re: Great grand son #2 arrived on the scene

Congrats Don !