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Great idea Nancy

her bill to require 10 year  tax return disclosure for the President and Vice.


But I think it should be expanded to require all federal elected officials disclosure of 20 years of tax returns.  And require that any law passed to which congress exempted itself now is void. And that all insider trading regulations now apply to congress. 

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Re: Great idea Nancy

Great ORIGINAL thought sam........   except this forum moderator is not about original  its about progressiveness........ 


so let's try harder out there.

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Re: Great idea Nancy

sort'a makes you wonder if "Progressive Farmer" is a Meredith publication....


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Re: Great idea Nancy

I think.


I believe that congress should be investigated with the same vigor that President Trump has been investigated.  From the strange ability to amass millions of dollars of wealth while working at a job that only pays $174,000 a year and much of that must go to taxes, living expense and trying to get re-elected.


I also believe that all assets and income should be put into a blind trust while you serve in the congress and there should be a wall between any senator or representative and those that are paid to represent a business or organization.


All contacts should be only between people that have jobs unrelated to garnering favors, i.e. if you work at John Deere and want to speak to a congress person that's acceptable.  If your job at John Deere is lobbying for John Deere that is not acceptable.  And if you think that's too hard then try following the tax laws as an average citizen.


Re: Great idea Nancy

Popularity gap:

What with radical extremists having completely taken over the policy track in the GOP and noisy identity leftists not getting any purchase with the centrist dominated DNC is it possible that the more accurately describable as “conservative” just might be Speaker Pelosi and, for that matter, former President Obama?
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Re: Great idea Nancy

What is conservative about either of those two? That's just proof of how extreme the media has become.