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bruce MN

Re: Greatest movie ever made

???? I don’t recall ever reading or hearing anybody else discuss it. 

Read the book and have watched it in it’s entirety numerous times. It’s fascinating. If you’re half a student of the history of Texas not sure how you could misinterpret it. 

McMurtry wrote exclusively of how things came to be. Are you familiar with his Son James who is one of this country’s most prolific culturally tinged songwriters?

Veteran Advisor

Re: Better than a 2X4

I have the movie Defiance in my extensive DVD home library, and have watched it several times. The author of the book on the Bielski brothers on which the movie is based, a survivor herself of their efforts, says that she didn't like the staged battle with the Russians at the end , that never really happened as the Bielskis tried to avoid confrontation and bloodshed and largely succeeded. She did say that she understood the need to sell a movie, though.

Alex and Tul Bielski eventually made it to America and had a successful trucking and taxi business in NY and made a bit of money. So they became good capitalists and I doubt that many crossed them more than once. 

I remember when the movie came out, one review said that the movie showed how the know-it-alls, the professor types, were basically worthless when it came to basic skills to survive, and had to rely on the more primitive, jack of all trades, Bielski types.

You should never cross James Bond.