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Senior Advisor

Greedy Imam

Donald Trump offered the Muslim cleric a profit to sell the property where the muslim community center is likely to be built. The Imam rejected the offer saying it was an unsatisfactory bid.


Of course Trump refused to up the ante as he was just trying to provide an opportunity to avoid the ongoing conflict about the chosen site. Great American and great New Yorker was just trying to get it relocated at least 5 blocks way. Trump berates the Imam for trying to profiteer or   hostage to his demands.


What is laughable is that Trump himself is an ultra capitalist and uses any advantage he might have to exact the best deal he can for himself and his company.


I think the Donald was trying to buy a little attention and plaudettes for his patriotism. The trouble is he was a bit cheap. If you intend to bribe someone you best open your wallet wide enough to be persuasive. This Donald would tell that Donald to put up or shut up. You don't price my property especially if it isn't really up for sale. Throw a number like $20 million instead of $4 million and I will now you're serious.


I don't know if the Imam has a price but if he does he should set it himself.

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Red Steele
Senior Contributor

Re: Greedy Imam

I am not sure how the blood is flowing in the liberal circles you hang out in, Kraft, but the real red-blooded Americans that I know think the Iman should get "an offer he can't refuse" for the property.


And the guys holding the rope would not be the same ones that let old Clint Eastwood escape with just a scar on his neck and a husky voice.


Just think if a Christian in Saudi Arabia, Iran, or even a moderate country like Turkey would try the same know what the result would be.



Senior Advisor

Re: Greedy Imam

Red...We are not saudi arabians. We are americans.

Re: Greedy Imam

 Lynching and coercion are the crimes of scum.    Red blooded Americans would be protecting the man's Liberty, Life and Property from mobs of ignorant bigots like you and your kind.