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Veteran Contributor

Re: Green energy reality

With a range of 212 miles I can't make it to my VA appointment. I'm 90 miles short so keep your EV!

Veteran Advisor

Re: Green energy reality

Then the technology doesn’t work for you - right now.   It works for me.   I have to do the 6 month oil change on my Grand Cherokee on Friday - and it has a total of 324 miles on the oil.   But my lifetime warranty requires the change in 6 months - so it’s getting changed.

There are EV’s that get greater mileage - but they of course are more expensive.   But for many Americans, a 220 to 250 mile range is plenty.  It doesn’t need to be an only car - we have the Jeep in case we want to take a longer trip.   Maybe you could use an EV for all your shorter trips, and have a gas guzzler for the trip where you need more mileage.   Or, there may be a charging station, maybe even for free, where you could pick up a few miles and make the EV work.   Everybody’s circumstance is different.    Personally, I love my Leaf - and don’t see me living without one.


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Re: Green energy reality

Karen reminds me of the hypocritical next door neighbor to my late grandmother that was condemning GW Bush and the Iraqi/Afghanistan wars of choice, while she had a big Chevy suburban parked in her driveway. When I pointed out to her that the middle eastern wars were really the "SUV wars of choice", the bat bristled at me.