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Senior Advisor

Greenpeace co-founder on global warming

Man made global warming is nothing more than a cult.



There is no scientific evidence that human activity is causing the planet to  warm, according to Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore, who testified in front  of a Senate committee on Tuesday.

Moore argued that the current argument that the burning of fossil fuels is  driving global warming over the past century lacks scientific evidence. He added  that the Earth is in an unusually cold period and some warming would be a good  thing.



“When modern life evolved over 500 million years ago, CO2 was more than 10  times higher than today, yet life flourished at this time,” he added. “Then an  Ice Age occurred 450 million years ago when CO2 was 10 times higher than  today.”

Moore, a Canadian, helped found the environmental activist group Greenpeace  in the 1970s. He left the group after they began to take on more radical  positions. He has since been a critic of radical environmentalism and heads up  the group Ecosense Environmental in Vancouver, Canada.

Moore’s comments come after President Obama declared global warming a “fact” in the State of the Union. His administration has attempted to argue that the  recent U.S. cold snap was influenced by a warmer planet.

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