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Groomers gotta groom

Makes you libs proud to be a dem doesn't it. Gives you something your cult leaders demand you defend.


In the land where kids are being spoon fed inappropriate sexual content and teachers are coming out as gay to their students, drag shows for minors should not be shocking. 


Michigan’s first openly gay attorney general Dana Nessel have people up in arms after making comments that there should be “a drag queen for every school.” 

Quoted by Detroit News reporter Craig Mauger, Nessel said “drag queens make everything better. Drag queens are fun,” during a civil rights summit where she described she thinks is “dividing Americans.” 

The radical activist went on to say “a drag queen for every school” is needed.

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Re: Groomers gotta groom

Does it seem to anyone else that perpetuating a stereotype of men who pretend to be women as "drag queens" should be offensive to men who pretend to be women?    

man of steel
Senior Contributor

No! No! No! Sambo!

Words don't mean anything. It's what the intent of the words that are important or who said those words.