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Grover's Six for 2016

the Republicans that have the name recognition, and fund raising ability to compete, and win in 2016


My take is that Jindal, while much more experienced that Barry, still is unseasoned and will not fare well as the Antidote to Obumbler.


Christie looks, talks and walks like Hilary Clinton and is repulsive as a candidate and human being.


Jeb Bush? Have we not had enough already of the Bushes and Clintons?


Which leads Rand Paul, Rick Perry, and Scott Walker...a very stellar trio to choose from


Har Har liberals are going to hate 2016!!!

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Senior Contributor

Re: Grover's Six for 2016

" Rand Paul, Rick Perry, and Scott Walker...a very stellar trio to choose from"


Is that the best the pubbies have to chose from?

I'd say Hilliary is looking better and better against those government inbreds from the party of NO

Veteran Advisor

Re: Grover's Six for 2016

Are you just back from a pot smoking trip to Colorado????


Get real, Pal....Hillary is the epitome of a government entity, not sure of her inbreeding credentials.


Why on earth would you not want a grownup to say "no"?????


Are you that dependent yourself ?????

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Re: Grover's Six for 2016

"Are you that dependent yourself???"


sometimes, I wonder, but I guarantee I am not voting for the NO crowd.The no crowd gets us just that, NOTHING. There must be comprimise in everyone's heart, not one sided politics. America is a big place. There is room for all if we just get rid of the partisan hacks like Harry Reid, Nancy the great.


The big tent boys that let anyone in is my style. Sadly, Pat Buchannan was one such guy, and if 'ol Newt hadn't been so nasty to his X, he would also fit my likes (both, BTW are washington establishment guys)


Cannot someone new be found out there that appears good on TV, talks a talk we all want, and will fight for what's right?