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Veteran Advisor

Re: Gun nuts

For one thing, many stats include US soldiers who get shot, as a 'gun' stastic.

Also, when two gang-bangers go at it, I think that is more often a 'death' than a murder.


What I belive the chart shows, is the incidents of 'murder' of innocent civilians.

Veteran Advisor

I would disagree

The most 'liberal' parts of our society, places like Chicago, Washington, DC, etc, seem to be the places where the most illegal guns are (in chicago almost ALL guns were illegal, even as they were either the 'murder capital' of the US, or perhaps 1st runner up.

Go to places like Nebraska (West of Omaha), the Dakotas, Wyoming, etc, and you don't see the mass shootings.

If 'conservatives' were the cause of it, why aren't places like Chicago, a mecca of safety?