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Veteran Advisor

Guns, Guns, Guns.....Right?

Trumps message last night....this requires a repeat of the first Trumpetour...





The first minutes of Trump's presidency are going to be b-u-u-u-s-s-s-y-y-y-y, Believe Me.


In the first couple of minutes of Mr. Trump taking office, Congress better be in their chairs, and ready to get legislation going.  Oh wait, Trump didn't say anything about actually working with Congress, did he?  He said, "I'm going to do it!!!"  OK...let's get started.


In the first 2 minutes after being sworn in, he's going to start by hiring 5,000 border patrol agents.  Believe me, that'll get some attention.  OK - Check.


And we gotta get started on that wall.  Have the contractors ready to dig.  Heads are going to spin at how fast this construction project is going to happen.  No need to consult Congress - just get to work.  Maybe, he can use some of the 11,000,000 illegals to help him get started.  Oh, wait, he knows people, good people.  (That's sorta like , "I've got folders full of women.")  OK - Check.


We gotta make the streets safe, roll the tanks in Chicago.  Hand out guns that were confiscated by Police over the years to anyone over the age of 10 to help secure the cities, hire 50,000 more MEN in blue nationwide to help those over 10 maintain control.  He knows people - good people.  OK - Check.


He has to roll back Obamacare, stop the gay marriage thing, make sure there are patrols at all bathrooms nationwide to make them secure, let's see, hire 300,000,000 bathroom sitters with guns to make them secure and check birth certificates.  Let's see, well that pretty much hires everybody in the US and puts them back to work.  Maybe we could install TV cameras in some public toilets that could be monitored remotely, of course then who would be there to do the junk check?  And, maybe since everyone has a gun, the guys could take care of the Female to Male trannies themselves.  OK - Kinda Check.  Maybe need some more work on this plan.  OK - Check.


We need to roll out our new health care plan that we had all along and didn't want the Democrats to see.  OK - Check.  Oh wait.  That's right.  We don't really have a health care plan.  Well, let's just go back to the way it was.  Let's see, everybody's health care is now met with the same caveat - and no one gets to use insurance because of the preexisting condition thing.  But they still have to pay in, just like it was before.  OK - Check.


Let's see, we got the borders, wall, streets, trannies, Obamacare, guns, new health plan, hiring everyone.  That's a good start to our first two minutes.  He's on a roll....


Taxes...gotta fix taxes.   And America still wants to see Trump's taxes.  Disband the tax system, and install the new one that the Republicans have ready to roll.  They don't have a tax system ready to roll - what have they been doing with all their time?  Slackers.  OK - get rid of the IRS anyway, we'll deal with it later.  OK - Check.


Military.  We have to build up the military to make America Great Again.  We need to have a display of our military might like Russia, who knows how to do military right, or North Korea.  Since we already have the whole population of our country securing our nations bathrooms, maybe we could hire Kim Jong-un.  He knows how to do a good military show too.  Yeah - that's the ticket.  OK - Check.  That's a good start.  maybe we need to take some of the bathroom people, and give them fully automatic weapons, and they could double as military when we need them.  And we will, when we go to war with Mexico over paying for the Wall (see above).  If the bathroom post is vacated, give the bathrooms sitters C4 to blow up the bathroom, lest if be infiltrated by the trannies.  OK - Check.


Wait....I need Congress to approve all that?  Screw that...Give me my new uniform...


donald-trump-come-mussolini-717026.jpg we're on a roll.  Not bad for my first couple of minutes.  Now, who can I fire?  Ah, Yes, of course.  Congress and those pesky Judges.  No one judges me.