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Senior Contributor

Guns to defend with??

It's a big fat, joke on the idiots who think they are going to save themselves, and a financial boon for the NRA, and the gun makers!

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Senior Contributor

Re: Guns to defend with??

You can thank Obummer for all the gun sales. He has been the best salesman for guns and ammunition. LOL

Senior Contributor

Re: Guns to defend with??

I have been pointing out the fact that a home with a gun is less safe than one without but many on here are 'believers' and when you just 'believe' something actual, facts are rejected or interpreted to agree with your 'beliefs'.


It really is so much better to live in the real world understanding reality.

gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: Guns to defend with??

It is a mindset for those guys. It is also an extension of their ego. They have no justification for each house to have so many guns. They would buy bazookas and grenade launchers of the could because they are so paranoid about themselves and the perceived loss of their freedoms.

All the garbage about defending themselves against rogue governments is a manifestation of those dealing in fear, the republicans since time began. It has never been used for such purpose and never will. It is a figment of their tiny imagination.

30000innocent people killed in 2010 by the gun saturated culture of the US and everyone takes it in their stride until it affects them personally. Well done you idiots.