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HAs time run out

for Trump???

That is the heading for this article.


It is worth a read by those supporting either Trump or Clinton.

Maybe you will not be surprised in November then


I voted for Donald Trump as the winner in last week's presidential debate. In fact, I voted for him several times, and again this morning.

I did so while experimenting with some polls on websites (Slate, Drudge, and others) where it's fairly easy to vote multiple times. So, if you were fooled into thinking Trump was, in fact, the winner of the debate last week, that's on me.

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Re: HAs time run out

This is one of those election cycles where the advance polls could be misleadiing.  Many voters view both major candidates as unfavorable choices, yet will likely vote for one of them.  Unenthused voters don't necessarily respond to the phone polls, they don't answer or they hang up the phone -- the polls don't count them.  Realistically, the pollsters should incude the "no response" and "hang up calls" at least as "other" -- they are potential voters or they wouldn't have been called.  Generally speaking, pollsters often only get responses from a couple thousand folks, or less, and those are only the ones who chose to answer the phone and take the poll.  Internet-based polls are a different animal since the individual is actually choosing to instigate taking the poll, or the particular poll is limiting to those who visit the website.

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Re: HAs time run out

The sheer amount of media frenzy this week against trump tells us one thing.

The media's girl is scared of trump and so is her press support...

He is winning for bigger reasons than personality or likeability........


If he had lost the debate and his support this week there would not be that much "attach" press


He is in this because of the economy which cannot be white washed...... too many are upset about too many things....



Police do not have political support.  No one riots in support when police are shot.



Minority pandering creates discouragement among non minorities.

Minorities are never happy..... and will never be.


Technology continues to create unemployment.

Seniors see government forcing technology that disconnects them...

Students cannot afford an education.

Graduates cannot find jobs that pay for the education they have.

Student loans are not creating jobs that pay for them.

Too many of the things we need are made somewhere else.

Many do not like the government imposed medical insurance.

Liberals are not getting the amount of social improvement they expect.



It is hard to name a group that is not complaining 


The democrat utopia has not materialized...