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Veteran Advisor

Hail Trump

You do realize he used to

Keep a copy of "my struggle"

By Adolf Hittler on his night


Seems he learned something

From it....and now we know why

He is such a pal with putin.


First he says he has absolute power get the people he wants

He is going to dismiss congress...

Then appoint who he wants and

Sign orders.

We are a country that has checks

And balances..


He is going nuts....(opps...already


He said he has to replace all these

He put them in, now he got rid of

Them or they he says

They must be appointed now...

Junior....congress needs to approve


This person is trashing our constitution....he says he has

The right and  power to do

It, but he doesnt.

Do you think it is ok to exceed

To constitution......GOD TRUMP

Keeps saying so....

Just when are you going to wake

Up ?


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Veteran Advisor

Re: Hail Trump

They aren’t going to wake up Cheapo - to them, the end justifies the means, by WHATEVER means necessary.   They don’t seem to be able to see that Trump has destroyed our standing in the world.   Trump is morally bankrupt - Trump is for Trump.

There is NO EMPATHY for those that have died from this virus - he just continues to brag about an economy that WAS.  Because he knows that voters see “It’s the economy, stupid”, but Trump ONLY SEES the stock market as the economy.  He is willing to put whatever money he needs to, to support it.

Like I said before - WHERE’S THE OUTRAGE feigned by Trump disciples before the 2016 election, when the stock market was good, and oh, how they were suffering!!!  Corn went down another 5 cents today, but when I mentioned a few days ago that corn was sub $3.00, boy did I get grief - only to have BA say the next day, that corn was 2.98.  Guess it depends on the messenger - me saying that farmers income was going to suck this year with sub 3.00 corn, was ok with the POOR US - we need more bail out money from BA.

Trump wants to be a dictator.  He wants all the power that he can get.   I can’t image what would be happening, if this was a Democrat trying to do this.  Unbelievable....


Honored Advisor

Re: Hail Trump

No Jen, corn is below $3 BECAUSE ethanol is in the crapper, BECAUSE there`s a worldwide GLUT of oil,  you can`t have $4 $5 $6 corn with $20 oil AND idiot farmers intending on planting 97 million acres.  Perfect storm not having anything to do with President Trump.  They`re projecting an over 3 billion bu carryover next year, why in the world would a enduser pay over $3 for corn with those fundamentals?