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gough whitlam
Senior Contributor


I know you lot will not admit to watching fox but it delivers your daily dose of democratic hatred when your minds are lost in the cesspool of bigotry.


Hannity is now letting his frustrations boil over as a result of all the billions of hate words for the democrats, hasn't changed a single thing.


Like his equally biased colleague Cavuto, Hannity has now predicted how the riots in Britain will come to the US. He chose to issue this threat in light of the non demise of all things democrat after an all out effort to demonise them for so long.   Cavuto suggested the best thing for the US to do was go into default and now Hannity shows his equal barking madness by issuing violent threats in the future.   If this channel along with other News Ltd tabloidsare the main mouthpiece of the republican movement, nothing surprises me as to why you are where you are today.  You deserve it.


But wait, there is more.  Craig has joined the throbbing throng of raving lunatics and just today predicted how the democrats will lose all of the 57 seats at the next election.    There is something in the water these buffoons are drinking.