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Happy Saint Patrick's Day!












Happy Saint Patrick's Day.  This is the day in 460 when St. Patrick passed away as the patron saint of Ireland.   Born in Wales and captured as a lad by Irish marauders grew up in Ireland, later escaped.... became a priest, and returned to Ireland to bring them Christianity.... using the shamrock to illustrate the three leaves on one stem as the Holy Trinity.  This day was later used to remember St. Patrick with a feast day of remembrance.


The above line in Irish is pronounced, .... Lah Fay-la Pahd-raig Hunna Gwitch (Connemara dialect), and Lah Fay-la Pohd-rig Soh-na Doitch (Munster dialect)


If you have a pint of Guinness today, remember to raise your glass and say "Slainté!" [Slawn-tcha], which means "Health!" in the Irish.

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Re: Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Craig - one of the few things in common, possibly the only thing, is we both have Irish heritage.  My great grandfather sailed out years ago. Not far from here to my west, is a town named, wait for it, Tullamore".  Each year at this time they have their "Irish Festival".  People come from Australia wide.  They sing and dance and watch leprechauns all night, drink lots of green Guinness and carry on like this for a couple of days.   Happy ST Patrick;s day.