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Senior Advisor

Harry Reid's best friend and donor

100 million dollar contributor Tom Steyer. He says in it for the money. Has nothing to do with the climate, protecting the environment, or conserving natural resources. Like Algore, it is about making a bulge in his pocket. And Harry Reid's. They don't care if grandma is booted from her home because she can't afford both rent and the utilities bill. The rich elite looking out for the rich elite.



Billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer last year touted green energy policies as a potential windfall for companies that invest in renewable energy technology.

“It’s a big business opportunity,” Steyer told like minded activists and policymakers at a gathering at his California home. “It’s a chance to make a lot of money.”

A video of his remarks was posted to the website Complete Colorado on Wednesday.

The event promoted the efforts of Advanced Energy Economy, a group of green energy businesses co-founded and chaired by Steyer.

The group’s membership includes a number of companies that have benefitted directly from federal policies aimed at building a “green energy economy” through grants, loans, and other subsidies for renewable energy.