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Harry's letter

This is just too funny.

Harry "rubberband man" Reid sent a letter to Comey stating that Comey was not a "Principled Public Servant" because Comey re-opened the Clinton e-mail case.  


I have to imagine that the FBI agents are having on good laugh, as most of us are, reading Reid's letter.


This the same Harry "I am a liar" Reid that got up on the Senate floor, while the Senate was in session, and started a false rumor about Romney's taxes.  After the election someone called him on it telling Reid that he knowingly lied on the Senate floor.  Liberal icon Harry Reid's response was, "Who cares?  It worked didn't it?", then he laughed.


Open letter to Harry Reid from the citizens f the USA:

Harry, you are not now, and never have been a principled public servant.

Good riddence Harry Reid, don't let the door hit you in the *zz.





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Re: +1!


Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: +1!

Harry should go quietly before the Trump Tribunals put him away for being

un-American, too. What he did in the Romney election was particularily

dispicable, way more disgusting than any Trump Leers or comments.


and Ruth Bader Ginsbury...give it up gal.....go before you are forcibly



Americans are sick of these (insert your own noun.)