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Hate crimes, most prevalent blue states


The states with the most hate crime offenses in 2015 were California–with over 1,000 hate crimes–while New York, New Jersey, Washington State, and Massachusetts followed closely behind.


Jewish Americans saw more than double the hate crimes against them than Muslim Americans. In 2015, Jews saw 695 total offenses, while Muslims experienced less than half that amount with 301 reported offenses.

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Re: Hate crimes, most prevalent blue states

Do you suppose the shootings iat the pulse or san Bernardino were included in the stats as hate crimes?


Re: Hate crimes, most prevalent blue states

It's my guess that so-called hate crimes may have a lot to do with the local situation, as the article implied.


One always wonders how accurate and equitable the crime reporting is.  Will a person of color in Little Rock be as quick to report a hate crime as a person of color in Berkeley?


Will a local agency be as quick to categorize something as a hate crime in one place and not call it a hate crime in another?


Absent some more background, it is difficult to know how much credibility to put on data mining like this.  Certainly it's interesting, but is it true?

bruce MN

Re: Hate crimes, most prevalent blue states

Having a notorious anti-Semite serve as chief advisor to the President ought to help tone it all down. Or not?

After a campaign where media coverage was void of discussion of issues it looks like they are starting to do their job. The American public is going to get to know Steve Bannon very well.
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Re: Hate crimes, most prevalent blue states

That's all the left has, social issues. Every body hates but them.