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I thought of the tidy bowl man a little bit ago.
Remember the commercial you opened up
The tank, and there he was floating around
In his little boat. A little jingle, and then someone
Flushed...and down he went.

Reminds me of what the forums are like....they
Are really going down the 🚾.

I think much is hate. The topics we have went to
And I'll admit I've started a few of those threads,
In part due to frustration with some other posts.

Democrats vs Republicans, liberals vs conseratives.

All think they are right.

But you know if you put one of each in an ICU

Or a morticans slab, amazing thing happens,

You can't tell which is which.

I have a friend that works in DC. He comes home
When he can, he'll go out on his folks porch and
Just set, if it is nice out...and drinks his regular
Bud (none of that sissy lite stuff).
He looks forward to moving back when he
He said Washington is just filled with hate. They
Can get thing done, it's deadlock. They have
Forgotten they have to work things out.
He does put some of the blame on trump.
He said that the feeling is that he is causing hate.
He does not understand the concept of working
With people, and that he plays a little game.
He starts a fight, then pulls back, and watch
Who wins then supports them. He says many
In the beltway don't like.
They are also amazed, by the number of upper
Level people that are fired or quit. The feeling
There is nobody in control, or things are stable.
The talk in the bars are nobody has never seen
Stuff in so much in constant out of control.
He says the locals don't see much hope.
They feel we need a person to bring the county

I'm not telling this just to be political, but how
Someone at the epicenter see's it

Like he said, it is just hate, win at all cost. Doing
What best for the county.

Maybe we can start here and spread ?
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Re: Hate

Unfortunately there is a lot to hate. We should remember to hate the sin and not the sinner. I don’t hate tranverasites or whatever new name is in vogue. I hate that they cut their pecker off and pretend to be a woman. And then ridicule us not just for not accepting it but for not CELEBRATING it. I don’t hate young girls who kill their babies. I hate that they kill their babies. I will admit that it’s hard not to hate the sin AND the sinner when it comes to the butchers who grind the precious babies from the wound and those who tell the girl it’s ok. I don’t hate liberals. I just hate that they can’t open their mouth without lying. We are too hate evil always but are also called on to forgive liberals and pray the demons are driven from them. That is love, not hate.
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Re: Hate

  you people start this crap the day after Trump was elected.. The current situation is all on you. You wanted a fight now you have one and don't expect the other side to cave in.

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Re: The Party of Hate

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Re: The Party of Hate

This is the real truth about hating Trump, Craigo!!


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Re: The Party of Hate

You see your gravy train leaving town is more like it.

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Re: Hate

AJ, your posts get more hate filled, shrill, and childlike every day. It’s almost like you are regressing back to grade school with the level of nonsense and stupidity in your insults and taunts.
What is so wrong with you that you feel the need to do this?
Pretty sad to witness somebody unravel.
Please seek help.
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Re: The Party of Hate

This is how we see it Elcheapo........Offer us some ideas instead of a constant barrage of Trump hate..... Hooking your wagon to a Hooker is not really a way to win political favor...This country seems to be moving forward and you liberals are standing on the brake pedal...

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Re: rollin...rolin....rollin...

Trying to run the "demons" out of them is like herding cats......

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Re: Hate

Ih...I don't really understand what you are asking
For. In some ways I can see some common
Ground. Example, immigration. Yes we have
Some rough ones come in, and yes I would like
To keep them out, but on the other hand, I
Know some very good people that have come
In. They work hard, they think the world of
Their kids, their kids mind their folks. Much
The same when many years ago our forfathers
Come thru Ellis island.
Yes we have a problem but I'm not sure a multi
Billion fence is the solution. Yes there are areas
That might be beneficial, but overall, alot of
Money, and not certain if it will solve problems

Is something like that what you are getting at
Ih ?