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Re: Hauser's law

I'm no economist john, but just wondering how it fits in when I realize that I'm old enough to remember paying 19.9 cents a gallon for gas when I first started driving. And that 20 cents was often harder to get ones hands on than what it took to get whatever it has cost since.  In the early 1960s the 2.5 bucks it took to fill the tank was a bigger chunck out of the household budget than the 15-30 or so has been since for most people who dirve.


Just sayin'...and not defending all of the hideously irresponsible leveraging and the deregulation and lack of oversight that allowed for it, or the excess printing and "easing"...but the funny money has facilitated a good deal of (not necesarily responsible) growth and consumption. It may just be as many are saying that we are way too far off kilter, too concentrated at the top and too tolerant of corruption, and not so much the "system" in principle itself.