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Re: Hauser's law

Simply enacting tax increases does not ensure high tax revenues just as lowering taxes does not always ensure lower tax revenues.  There is so much more at play then simply adjusting the tax rates.  I don't believe Iowa's income tax rates have changed but our state's tax revenues have dropped considerably the last couple of years as the economy soured, investments failed consumer spending shrank and jobs were lost.  Even our more liberal allies in Europe have come to the stark conclusion that they can not sustain the rate of spending they found themselves trapped in after years of increasing entitlements that seemed floatable as long as their economies stayed strong.  I think you could make as big of tax increases on the rich as you want and even increase those on middle and lower classes if you wish but doubt you will fix our countries financial problems with out implementing spending cuts. 


For the record Don, I'm with you on making major cuts in our military spending as well.  I think all government spending (including farm programs) should be on the table for review to see where we are able to make the most intelligent cuts that cause the least amount of damage or disruption.  It would be a great time to do an honest review on just how well our various spending programs are working.